What Happened to British Gas Business Care?

What Happened to British Gas Business Care?

Have British Gas stopped providing Business Care plans and commercial boiler cover?

Yes, at the beginning of 2022, British Gas stopped providing Business Care and commercial boiler maintenance.

Why have British Gas cancelled Business Care?

British Gas did not release a public statement to explain why they cancelled their Business Care product or why they no longer maintain commercial boilers. 

Why do so many companies no longer provide ‘inclusive’ cover?

The main reason is the difficulty of pricing a contract that includes commercial boiler parts and call-outs. Often, the annual cost needs to be very high to ‘cover’ the provider against the increasingly high costs of parts and logistics.  Put simply, providers can be exposed to increased costs that they are unable to pass on to the client.

Also, inclusive contracts are now largely irrelevant because boiler manufacturers provide ever-longer guarantees. For example, the boilers or heaters installed at your premises will often be covered by a 10+ year warranty covering parts and call-outs. This means paying for an additional boiler care plan makes no sense.

Is there an alternative to British Gas Business Care?

Yes. MHL are a nationwide provider of Business Care. You can get a quick quote at the top of this page.

Does MHL Business Care include parts and call-outs?

Due to the financial losses associated with ‘inclusive’ care plans, most providers have withdrawn this option for commercial clients. At MHL, we provide modern and straightforward ‘pay as you go’ Business Care that is far more cost-effective while providing a similar level of maintenance coverage.

So with MHL Business Care would I still get 24/7 coverage?

Yes, you will receive special access to our 24/7 call-out line, and wherever possible, we’ll attend to your issue within 4 hours. However, with MHL ‘pay as you go’ cover, you won’t be paying an exorbitantly high fee to cover call-outs that may never happen and parts you’ll likely never need. 

How does MHL Business Care work?

We’ll begin by assessing the servicing requirements of the appropriate equipment at your business premises. We’ll then provide a servicing schedule and quote. When you need us, we’ll be standing by 24/7 and, wherever possible, attend within 4 hours. Our engineer will do everything possible to fix your issue; however, we’ll send a quote for a return visit if a repair isn’t possible. We’ll email a reminder and schedule a visit when your next service is due. It’s that simple.

Will there be a complicated contract to sign?

No. There’s nothing to sign, we can start looking after your commercial heating system immediately. There’s no lengthy service contract or complex terms and conditions to digest, it’s quick, easy, and hassle-free.

How do I get a quote for an alternative cover from MHL?

Just click the button at the top of the page and complete our short online form. We can provide a quote within 1-hour. Alternatively, you can get more information and a quote by visiting our commercial boiler cover website page (click here).

Benefits of MHL Business Care.

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