Commercial Heaters

Commercial Heaters

Commercial and industrial warehouse heaters 

Heating a large warehouse space can be difficult and expensive, but it’s essential to ensure conditions are warm enough for your workers, especially in the winter months. Plus, you may have stock that might be adversely affected by the cold. So investing in an appropriate heating system is crucial, and despite the challenges, there are several good options for a warehouse environment.

Warm air heaters

These heaters expel air from ducts and vents in the same way as an air conditioning unit, and there’s a simple control to dictate the temperature. They’re perfect for a warehouse environment because they distribute the warmth evenly throughout the space, leaving no cold spots. There are many makes and models of warm air heaters to choose from, including some with additional capabilities, such as reduced fuel usage and various outputs.

Suspended heaters

Suspended heaters require minimal space, making them the ideal solution to fit a robust and reliable heating system into a warehouse where floor space is limited or where regulations don’t allow floor-standing heaters. Suspended heaters are available in gas and oil versions, and specific models are bio-fuel compatible. They are easy to operate and maintain while providing a cost-efficient way to heat a large space.

Cabinet heaters

In contrast to suspended heaters, these floor standing cabinets are great for warehouses with plenty of space. There are many options available – gas or oil, vertical or horizontal, internal or external, and even room-sealed – and due to easy access, maintenance is no problem. Some brands come complete with a highly efficient four-pass heat exchanger, and some are also equipped with a password-protected temperature control system to ensure heating levels remain consistent.

Radiant heating

Radiant heating is a good solution for warehouse environments where doors need to be opened frequently or left open for extended periods. They work by emitting infrared radiation from the hot surface, and unlike warm air heaters, they heat objects and people rather than the air. This means energy isn’t wasted by just flowing out of the building. Radiant heaters provide instant warmth, and they can be mounted on ceilings to save floor space if needed.

Once you’ve installed the heating system that best meets your needs, the next job is to maintain peak performance so it continues to efficiently warm your warehouse for as long as possible.

How often does a commercial heater need servicing?

A commercial/industrial gas or oil heater should be serviced every 12 months at a minimum – some manufacturers require for their warranty to remain valid – but we recommend every six months to prevent any minor issues escalating. If left undetected, underlying faults can become irreparable, but if your heaters are regularly maintained, issues should be diagnosed and repaired at an early stage, reducing the risk of a breakdown.

A service is not just a simple clean of the system, numerous safety tests will also be carried out on your heaters. The engineer will determine if the safety devices are operating correctly, analyse the flue arrangement for any potential faults or leaks, and run combustion checks to make sure your equipment complies with up to date regulations. The engineer will then run your heaters for a short time to double-check they’re operating correctly and safely on completion.

How long does a commercial heater service take?

Generally, around 1-2 hours per heater. The exact time it will take to complete your service depends on the type and number of industrial heaters on site and their age and condition. All maintenance and repairs must be carried out by a service engineer registered to commercial level with Gas Safe. Commercial oil heaters have the exact servicing requirements as gas, with engineers required to be registered to commercial level with OFTEC. And for health and safety reasons, if a heater is higher than three meters, an engineer will likely require a working at height platform or cherry picker to service the appliance.

What about height access?

If your heater is higher than 3 meters for health and safety reasons, you will almost certainly require working at a height platform such as a cherry picker. MHL can provide every type of working at height platform.

Do you need a gas safety certificate for a commercial heater?

 Yes, if you have an industrial or commercial gas heater at your business premises, you require an annual gas safety certificate by law.

How much does a commercial or industrial heater service cost?

 Generally, around £200 (ex VAT) per heater. The exact cost depends on the type of industrial heater and its age, condition, and accessibility.

MHL have over 30 years of experience in service, certification, and repair of commercial gas and oil warehouse heaters, including well-known brands Powrmatic, Combat, Ambirad, Reznor and Benson. And we don’t limit ourselves to working on systems installed by MHL, so regardless of the heater installed at your premises, we can help.

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