Cold Water Booster Sets

Cold Water Booster Sets

What is a cold water booster set?

Cold water booster sets are electro/mechanical devices designed to deliver water at constant pressure and flow rate. They are primarily used in commercial premises or large residential dwellings. When a building has high water demand, the standard mains supply will be inadequate. This means the plumbing system will not work to the design specifications, and a cold water booster set will be required.

How do booster sets work?

Booster sets work in unison with a water storage tank. Water enters through the pump into the volute (pump body), where impellers generate a constant water flow at a precise pressure. The pump is activated via a pressure switch which turns the pump on when needed. Booster sets work with a pressure vessel which reduces the pump’s requirement to be run when only a small amount of water is being used. You can adjust the flow rate and pressure to suit the needs of a building. Booster sets often supply the hot water requirements for a building too, meaning both hot and cold water are perfectly balanced.

What types of booster sets are available?

Cold water booster sets come in a variety of designs and sizes. They usually take the form of one or more commercial pumps connected to a control box, pressure vessel, and water tank. Some units come with all these components packaged together in one unit. Buildings with a high demand usually have a much larger booster set installed, made up of several pumps and a large remote water tank and pressure vessel. 

The most common types of booster set are:

  • Single-phase
  • Three-phase
  • Single-stage
  • Multi-stage
  • Cat 5

What is a Cat 5 booster set?

Since 1999 it has been illegal for commercial organisations to put a hosepipe directly onto a tap to wash down machinery or a vehicle. It is essential to incorporate a backflow prevention device to ensure no backflow and siphonage leading to contamination of the potable water supply by bacteria returning up the hose pipe into the mains water supply. Our Cat5 booster sets are suitable for Fluid Category 5 risks and incorporate a break tank complete with an AB-type air gap between the inlet and outlet to ensure that contaminated water does not flow back into the mains supply, to WRAS regulations 1999 and BSEN 13077:2008.

Fluid Category 5 risks are fluids that represent a serious health risk due to the concentration of pathogenic organisms or highly toxic or radioactive substances present within them. This can include animal or butchery waste, fecal matter or other human waste, or pathogens from a range of different sources. 

Applications for CAT 5 booster sets:

  • Bin wash down/Bin stores
  • Garden irrigation
  • Laboratories
  • Hygienic Rooms
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Bib taps
  • Multi-story window wash

Do you need to service a cold water booster set?

Yes. The critical job a booster set performs means they should be serviced at least annually. There are also significant health and safety considerations for both your clients and employees. If a booster set fails, critical systems won’t function, meaning you could be closed for business. You may also require an annual service to comply with insurance obligations. 

MHL are experts at the service, repair, and replacement of cold water booster sets, pressurisation units, and multi-stage pumps. We also carry out servicing and repairs to break tanks, inverters, and accumulators.

If you require a service, repair, or replacement of a cold water booster set, find out more and get a quote HERE

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