Case Study – Radisson Blu Hotel

Case Study – Radisson Blu Hotel

2022 has been a challenging year for many businesses, and at MHL, we have gained a reputation for helping companies cut energy and maintenance costs. Often, commercial boiler maintenance companies approach problems with a simple ‘let’s fit new’ attitude. Although there are times when this approach makes logical sense, there can also be better ways to allocate limited resources.

Take a recent example of a visit by an MHL engineer to the Radisson Blu Hotel at Stansted Airport. Following an inspection of their ten Hoval commercial boilers, we found the boilers in a poor condition . Although the hotel had maintained the boilers to a high standard, age and heavy use meant they were becoming unreliable. However, from an MHL perspective, we felt there must be another option to just replacing the boilers. Sometimes you have to dig deep to provide the best advice for your client. Following an in-depth consultation with Hoval (the boiler manufacturer), we opted to replace just the Riello forced draught burner on each boiler, meaning most of the working parts were replaced without the eye-watering expense of installing ten complete new boilers. It wasn’t easy – but it was the right way forward.

In the current financial climate, we were proud to save our client significant amounts of money, while keeping their boilers reliable and efficient for years to come.

MHL are one of the highest rated commercial boiler maintenance companies in the UK. To learn more, take a look at our website by clicking here.

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