Case Study – Help For Care Homes

Case Study – Help For Care Homes

You may be aware of some recently announced big news concerning British Gas unexpectedly withdrawing from the commercial gas heating and boiler maintenance market. This news has sent a shock wave through our industry and created eye-watering problems for many businesses. Care home providers have been particularly troubled by the news as the nature of their business means reliable heating and hot water systems are critical.

British Gas Business Care was a commercial version of British Gas Home Care and has historically been adopted by care home providers. Thankfully MHL have been able to step in and provide care homes with our own version of Business Care. This has helped care home providers seamlessly transition between commercial boiler cover providers without causing a breakdown in maintenance support. This has been invaluable from small, regional providers to national chains. MHL Business Care provides the same call-out coverage as British Gas Business Care, but with a few tweaks to help lower costs and provide faster call-out response times.

If you are a care home provider looking for reliable commercial boiler cover MHL Business Care is the solution you’ve been searching for. For more information and a quick quote, visit our website by clicking here.

Some of the care home providers benefitting from MHL Business Care:

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