Gas Interlock Systems

Gas Interlock Systems

What is the purpose of a gas interlock system?

Gas Interlock Systems are a safety device designed to shut off the gas supply to a commercial kitchen if the extraction and airflow systems fail. They will also ensure the gas supply is shut off if the extraction system or air flow rate doesn’t meet minimum standards in the Building & Engineering Services Legislations DW/172 (The Specification of Kitchen Ventilation Systems).

Do I need to install a gas interlock system?

Yes, according to the UK’s gas safety regulations and the British Standard BS6173, any food business operating a commercial kitchen must install a gas safety interlock system. Therefore, you need to have a gas safety interlock system fitted to comply with the law.

How does a gas Interlock system work?

Gas interlock systems monitor the successful extraction of combustion products generated by gas kitchen equipment. This can be achieved in two ways: 

  •  Differential air pressure switch. This monitors the physical flow of air within the canopy area. The controller can be set to different sensitivity levels to achieve a shut off at the required level of air throughout. 
  • Current sensor. This device can be used to monitor the electrical current being drawn by the extraction fan. The gas supply will be shut off if the fan is not using enough energy to provide the required extraction rate.

What’s the cost of a gas interlock system?

The cost of a gas interlock system can vary depending on the size of the gas pipework supplying your kitchen. However, generally expect to pay £1500 – £2000 (ex VAT) to supply and install a gas interlock system.

What components make up a gas interlock system?

A gas interlock system is centred around a control panel with an emergency stop and reset button. This is generally mounted on a wall within your kitchen area. The panel is connected to a solenoid valve in the gas supply pipework, usually installed at the entry point of the room. Depending on the interlock you have installed, the panel will also be wired to either an air pressure switch or an extraction fan power supply. The final component is an emergency stop button; this can turn off the gas supply in an emergency and should be installed close to an exit.

Further Information:

For further information, please see the following resources: 

The Health & Safety Executive’s information on Gas Safety in catering & hospitality click HERE

Or contact the MHL commercial gas interlock specialists on 0800 061 4567

For a quote to supply and install a commercial kitchen gas interlock system, please complete our short online form by clicking HERE

Click for more information on gas interlock systems. 

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